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Telephone/ FAX:         206 283-1075
Postal address:           624 West Ewing St. , Seattle WA 98119
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Seattle, WA

Ewing Street Moorings Marine Information Page

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Ewing Street Moorings is located on the Seattle, WA ship canal between Lake Union and the Ballard Locks at 624 Ewing St. In addition to having used boats for sale, boat parts and marine equipment, e.g. diesel engines, gears, shafts, and other items, there is moorage available on the quaint and spacious floats. There is also the capability for vessel charter, vessel sales, vessel delivery, inspection and repair. We have nautical antiques, restored classic yachts and project boats for sale as well as modern fiberglass motor yachts. In addition to powerboats for sale there are sailboats for sale and rowboats for sale, classic boat motors, boat trailers for sale. Ewing street moorings can find boats for sale around the world, no matter what size. From small runabouts to large vessels such as landing craft, surplus Navy ships, freighters, ocean trawlers and fish packers. If you are looking for boat charter, boats for sale, boat moorage or marine equipment, call Ewing Street Moorings today.